Performance Test Lead

Bangalore, India

Job Description (Highlighted pointers are m\andatory skills)

  • Must have JAVA, .NET, \and SQL & NO SQL performance tuning experience that include (garbage collection, heap management, JVM Configuration, ,V$ table, explain plan, query optimization etc.).
  • This position requires superior technical \and leadership skills.
  • Should have strong experience identifying bottlenecks across multiple layers of the system. The c\andidate will be charged with a h\ands-on approach in building, running \and working on enterprise performance initiative driven by Performance engineering team.
  • Strong expertise on analysing thread \and heap dumps.
  • Experience in baselining \and benchmarking of applications/products for performance.
  • H\ands-on experience in building enterprise level performance engineering strategies \and delivery of large scale projects.
  • Excellent ability to partner with Architects, Developers, Systems Engineers \and Database Administrators to collaboratively tune systems.
  • Review performance automation implementations \and encourage sound design principles while remaining practical \and milestone driven.
  • Thorough underst\anding \and h\ands-on experience of performance testing \and diagnostic tools such as
    • Load generating/Virtual User Generation tool – Jmeter , load runner , New Relic Blazemeter.
    • Diagnostic tool – HP diagnostic, Kibana(preference), JProfiler, yourkit.
    • Monitoring tool – Dynatrace ,Grafana (preference ), APM , Linux tools.
  • Expertise in code profiling \and optimization tools “should be able to profile code up to the method/class level to identify the root cause
  • Expert ability to dissect large amounts of data from monitoring/diagnostic tools \and identify potential issues for every releases.
  • Experience with Oracle SQL, NO SQL (Cass\andra, Mongo etc “preferred”.) database performance tuning
  • Ability to do capacity planning based on users, load \and business forecasts -Workload Modelling
  • Excellent verbal \and written communication skills \and ability to effectively communicate with Leadership/ stakeholders


8-13 years experience in job offered

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