Software Engineer

Job location : Bangalore  (Open for non-locals)

Permanent Position
Notice : 0-30 days Max
Salary : Market Rate

Must be strong in C, Python, Datastructures, Networking, AWS certification or exp a plus

Software Engineer – Forwarding (Network Processor Unit) Engineers

No of vacancies : 10

Required Skills : Expertise in –

  1. Experience in VPP, Intel DPDK & NIC drivers are highly desirable – M\andatory
  2. Experience in C, Python or Lua programming.- M\andatory
  3. Experience with Broadcom chipset BCM88680 “StrataDNX” / “Jericho+”/”StrataXGS” – M\andatory
  4. Experience with P4 based chipset like Barefoot’s Tofino
  5. Experience in Network Routing Protocols is a plus.
  6. Strong problem solving \and software development/troubleshooting skills.

Interview Process :

  • Technical round
  • HR round
  • Director Round


1-12 Years

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