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A UX program manager has, above all, a burning desire to create excellent product experiences. You are comfortable in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment communicating with engineers, designers, marketing \and product management. You are comfortable presenting strategic plans \and technical material to executives \and customers.

You are an inventor, a super-communicator, you get how technical products are built \and you have a refined sense of design. In short, you are a product-creating rock star.

Responsibilities :

  • Underst\and the broad market of content producers, TV service operators \and their consumers
  • Follow the fast-changing technologies \and consumer behavior around video consumption
  • Synthesize market insight, operator requirements, unexpressed consumer desires \and your wildest ideas into new features \and products
  • Create a product road map \and feature back log.
  • Write your plans up in detail. Work with designers to visualize it \and developers to build \and test it.
  • Communicate to management \and customers regularly current schedules, risks \and what’s new \and cool.

Desired expertise for the role :

  • Technical underst\anding of web, mobile app \and cloud development technologies
  • Working knowledge or skills in visual \and interaction design
  • Excellent written \and verbal skills
  • Underst\and how to track \and use data analytics in product decision making
  • Very comfortable with business presentations to small \and large audiences
  • Fluent in Agile/Kanban/Lean ways of working

Basic Qualifications :

  • 12+ years of full time program management experience within an engineering or technical department
  • 7+ years of experience managing large scale web-based programs
  • Proven track record delivering high profile/impact programs.
  • B.S./B.A. in a technical field, or equivalent practical experience.

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