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Scarlet Wireless has provided wireless engineering services directly or with its partners to Top 5 Major US carriers that connect over 99% US Population.

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We Provide You With High Quality
Wireline & Wireless Engineering Services

Network Design & Optimization

It starts with the design until your KPI’s tell the story. We mean nothing but the best.

RF Data Collection

Scarlet Engineers have practical experience with collection tools all major equipment manufacturers.

Ground Deployment

High-quality and value-based IT solutions for Fortune 500 to small and mid-sized businesses

In Building - DAS & Small Cells

Making sure you are connected anywhere and everywhere.

OSP Fiber Engineering

Committed to bring high speed internet to each and every citizen and bridge the divide

Internet of Things

Taking it one step further, and then another, and then another..

Public Safety Signal Testing

Certain jurisdictions have adopted standards for adequate in-building public safety radio coverage.

RF Exposure Analysis (EME/MPE)

Scarlet uses data and a comprehensive assessment process to address the FCC and OSHA requirements.

Staff Augmentation

People are not your most important asset. The right people are. - Jim Collins