Our core service offerings revolve around Networks and Network enabled services – for Wireless Service Providers, OEMs, Infrastructure Providers and Enterprise Customers. For more than a decade, our customers have trusted our experienced and trained engineering professionals to Design, Deploy, Optimize, Maintain and Secure their Critical Networks and Applications. Our skilled group manpower of over 1,000 associates offers assured quality to our customers through our integrated end-to-end Network Services.

Explore our service offerings to have a better insight into our capabilities.


We aim to Create Unique Value for customers by leveraging our:

  • Expert knowledge of business and technology issues in the wireless industry
  • Capability to Advice, Plan, Deploy and Manage Networks
  • System Integration through Multi-Platform and Technologies
  • Global customer relationships, Delivery capabilities and market presence

Network Design & Optimization

SCARLET’s Network Design and Optimization portfolio includes services enabled by best-in-class technological intelligence. With the use of multi-platform experience and advanced analytic tools our solutions deliver superior performance while limiting costs and building an end user experience-centric model.

RF Data Collection

With the boots on ground nationwide and extensive experience in performing multitude of data collection services via walk testing, drive testing and drone testing, Scarlet is one of the nation’s top leading suppliers in this segment.


Ground Deployment - Install, Commission & Integrate

SCARLET Network Deployment & Site Implementation services utilize some of the industry’s best logistics, safety and implementation standards to bring your network live with much ease per your desired schedules.


In Building - DAS & Small Cells

To provide you with coverage where you need it the most, our in-building solutions include strategy creation, architecture design for specific requirements, planning and scoping dimensions, supply, project management, full implementation, testing, optimization and seamless integration of the Micro Network solution within the Macro network environment.


OSP Fiber Engineering

Assisting our customers to achieve the common goal of taking fast broadband through fiber to each and every household, and connecting every citizen to the power of technology.


Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. Scarlet Wireless works to connect all the pieces together, seamlessly.


Public Safety Signal Testing

Demonstration of compliance for functional radio coverage may be required to receive occupancy permits in new construction or existing buildings. As an independent services provider, Scarlet can assist building and property owners with the signal testing and report documentation needed to achieve and confirm compliance in accordance with certain jurisdictional ordinances.

RF Exposure Analysis (EME/MPE)

Scarlet uses site-specific data and a comprehensive assessment process to address the FCC and OSHA requirements, thereby ensuring workers and the general public are properly protected from RF emissions exposure.


Staff Augmentation

More than ever, business growth depends on putting the right people in place -the in-demand professional talent that sets your organization apart from the competition. And that is exactly why companies turn to SCARLET to get access to some of the industry’s best in class talent.

Data Center Installation

On the ground installation requires not just innovative designs, but the personnel to carry them out. Our data center installation process at Scarlet Wireless is backed by technicians with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of equipment.